Trade name: Zinc stearate

Chemical name: Zinc stearate

Package: bags with 15/20 kg net weight

Zinc stearate is a mixture of zinc salts of stearic and fatty acids.

Technical characteristics

Chemical formula: С36H70O4Zn.

CAS No.: 557-05-1 / 51731-04-5.

Sphere of application

  • as a vulcanization activator and plasticizer of rubber and rubber compounds and a powder for preventing sticking of rubber products;
  • as a lubricating agent in the plastics processing; heat stabilizer of PVC products: linoleum, shoe plastic, artificial leather, packaging films, press powders and other materials;
  • levelling agent in polyurethane and nitrocellulose lacquer;
  • as a water-repellent agent in the production of building materials and plaster mixtures to protect building structures from moisture;
  • in the cosmetics industry it is a part of powders of decorative cosmetics, such as powder, eye shadows, improving the degree of their adhesion and covering properties and as a repellent in ointments, a thickener in creams;
  • in pulp and paper industry as an excipient, which gives the mixture homogeneity, and makes the surface of the finished paper and cardboard products smooth;
  • in the production of ceramic products it increases the viscosity and ductility of working masses and the stability of finished products;
  • in metallurgy it is introduced into the composition of press powders as a lubricating agent and as an additive that increases the wear resistance of products.

Name of quality criteria, according to

TC U 20.5-25069903-006:2020



white powder

Moisture mass fraction, %, not more


The Zn content in terms of ZnO, %, within


Melting point, °C, within


Mass fraction of free fatty acids, %, not more


Residue after sieving with 0315, %, not more


Bulk density kg / l, within