Modificator RU-NP

Modificator RU-NP

Trade name: Adhesion modifier RU-NP

Chemical name: Resorcinol complex with hexamethylenetetramine

Packages: bags with 20 kg net weight

Sphere of application

as a modifier of rubber compounds based on natural and synthetic rubbers (isoprene, styrene-butadiene, chloroprene), as well as synthetic rubbers containing amide and aldehyde groups. It is used in the tire industry and the rubber and mechanical rubber goods industry. It increases the resistance of vulcanized rubbers to various types of deformations and bond strength in rubber-cord systems in both static and dynamic conditions and significantly reduces the creep of vulcanized rubbers.

Technical characteristics

Name of quality criteria, according to

TC U 24.1-25069903-001:2006

Appearance powder from white to light-pink colour
Moisture mass fraction of, %, not more 0.35
Ash mass fraction of, %, not more 0.5
Mass fraction of water-insoluble impurities, %, not more 0.5
Mass fraction of the residue after sieving with 0.25 K, %, not more 0.8