MR Modificer

Modificator MR

Trade name: Modificator MR
Chemical name: complex resorcinol with hexamethoxymethylmelamine
Packages: bags 25 kg net weight

Modificator of MR is developed for the use in the production of motor-car tires with integral steel cord as adhesive substance. Got laboratory information talk that Modifier of MR gives substantially the best items of adhesion in the process of senescence. And the remain of rubber on a cord after a break testifies that durability of connection rubber-metal exceeds durability of rubber which is not arrived at the use no other types of modifiers. The modifier of MR does not render negative influence on steel cord, as owns anticorrosive properties, and substantially improves adhesion on polyester cords.

Items Data
1. Appearance Powder or granules is from white to the
brown color
2. Active matter, %, Min. 67,0-73,0
3. Loss on heating, %, Max. 0,3
4. Ash, %, Max. 30,0