Dithiodimorpholine activated

Dithiodimorpholine activated – efficient sulphur vulcanization accelerator and vulcanizing agent for rubber mixtures based on natural and synthetic rubbers diene type, butyl rubber and olefin elastomers. Dithiodimorpholine activated non-staining rubber compounds and is used for light, colored and transparent products. Gives vulcanizates with high physical – mechanical properties, high ozone resistance, high resistance to aging, does not cause scorching of rubber mixtures. Dithiodimorpholine activated enables a reduction in dosing elementary sulphur in rubber mixtures or eliminate its presence, which improves the heat resistance of the vulcanizates. Dithiodimorpholine activated may be used individually or in combination with other accelerators. Gives high modulus vulcanizates. In composition with sulfenamides used in the manufacture of tires, rubber products.

Parameters of quality


Appearance Powder

from white to light grey

Content of Dithiodimorpholine activated, %, min 98,0
Moisture, %, max 0,5

 Packing: paper bags with polyethylene liner, 25 kg net.